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If you are interested in commissioning a custom black velvet painting, please check out the following information!


Subject matter:  As you can tell, I prefer to do sci-fi characters from movies and television, but I do not limit my work to just science fiction. I am open do doing portraits of family members, even your pets, if that is your choice.
I am open to just about anything, but I reserve the right to refuse to do any painting for any reason.


Reference image: A large image is ideal from which to work. The higher the resolution, the better.  Small “thumbnail” images are not usable. Also, very “washed out” or out of focus images are not ideal.
The more detail I have to work from,, the more detail I can put into your painting.

Pricing: Painting prices start at $400 for a 11″ x 14″ painting.  $600 USD for a 14″x 18″ painting. Larger paintings will cost more, depending on size and complexity.  Velvet is stretched over a wooden frame, with all staples on the back of the work.  All paintings come ready to hang, with picture wire attached to the back.  I do not offer framing services at this time.


Deposit: I require a deposit, half of painting price, before beginning any painting. It would be unfortunate to spend 15 hours on something only to have someone tell me “I don’t want it/can’t afford it right now” after I’ve completed it. Deposits can be made through Paypal.  Please do not send a deposit until we have agreed on a subject matter,  image, and painting size.

Reviews/Feedback: I usually sell through various galleries, but I also sell custom work directly to clients.
You can view my feedback on eBay, or read my reviews on Etsy.


Contact: To begin the commission process, or for answers to other questions,  please send an email to [email protected]

I greatly appreciate your interest in my work!


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