Velvet Painting Shows by Bruce White

Solo Shows:bruce-white-velvet-painting

ICONS: Solo Show by Bruce White 

Twenty two new portraits on black velvet, a celebration of heroes and allies of the LGBTQIA community, in honor of Pride month, on display June 4-25, 2022 at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco.

WWE Superstars on Velvet: Solo Show by Bruce White
Gallery1988 teamed up with the WWE for an art show taking up both rooms – one room with almost 100 artists paying tribute to superstars of today and yesterday and another room with dozens of new prints and black velvet paintings from Bruce White, aka Velvet Geek. Coinciding with Survivor Series weekend at Staples Center, show opens Nov. 16th, 2018 and runs through  Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018!

Velvetmania II: Solo Show by Bruce White
Gallery1988 in LA presents “Velvetmania II”, solo show  celebration of ’80s and ’90s pro wrestling with black velvet paintings. Opening reception hosted by former WCW champion David Arquette.  July 13th-August 5th 2017.

Cult of Personality: A Velvet Art Show From Bruce White
Gallery1988 in LA presents a solo show from Bruce White, celebrating the best of cult films on black velvet! Friday, July 10th-July25th 2015

Bruce White X Gallery1988
Gallery1988 and VelvetGeek tag team to piledrive you with a new show on black velvet.
40 portraits honoring some of the greatest legends of professional wrestling! March 7-29, 2014.

Velvet Paintings for Your Inner Nerd: Solo Show by Bruce White
Another nerdy cult themed black velvet painting solo show
July 27th through August 15th, 2012!

Velvetvision! Geek Culture on Velvet: Solo Show by Bruce White
A far-out solo exhibition of sci-fi, horror and comic favorites painted on black velvet.
Presented by Shades of Grey. Feb 18th 2011-March 18th 2011.

Wootini: Velveta–The Art of Bruce White
Now bolder and cheesier than before, Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Group Art Shows:bruce-white-group-shows

Gallery1988 presents “Crazy 4 Cult 13”
A group show celebrating the best cult movies of all time! Sept 27-Oct19, 2019

Gallery1988 presents “Idiot Box: Artwork Inspired by Television”
A new group art show, inspired by the best of television. July 20-August 4, 2018.

Mondo Gallery: Universal Monsters
January 19-27, 2018 in Austin, TX

Hero Complex Gallery: The films of John McTiernan
Dec. 21st, 2017

Gallery1988: Crazy4Cult11
November 17 – December 2, 2017

Gallery1988: 30 Years Later
July 21 – August 12, 2017

Gallery1988: HBO’s Veep, an art exhibit
April 14th-22nd, 2017

Gallery1988: Don’t Cry Mac
March 17th-April 1st, 2017

Gallery1988: Rick and Morty official art show
Jan. 14-28th, 2017

Gallery1988: Crazy 4 Cult X
Oct 21, 2016

Gallery1988: 20 Years Later
A group art show inspired by movies released in 1996.
July1-July16th, 2016

Spoke Art presents: Lord of Thrones
Art show tribute to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.
June 2nd – 25th, 2016.

Gallery1988: Idiot Box 2
Artwork inspired by television, a group art show May 13-28th, 2016.

Gallery 1988: 30 Years Later-The Films of 1986
July 21, 2017- August 12, 2017

Gallery1988: A Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Art Show
A group art tribute to the movie Zoolander. Jan 9th-Jan-30th 2016.

Gallery1988: Console Wars
A group show inspired by Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis Dec 11th-Jan 5th 2016.

Gallery1988: Crazy 4 Cult 9
Group art show celebrating the best cult movies! Nov 20th-Dec 5th, 2015.

Gallery1988: Art Awakens
Official Star Wars group art show to benefit UNICEF Kid Power. Nov 14-15th, 2015

Gallery1988: An Art Show About Nothing
A group art show inspired by the tv show Seinfeld, Oct 26th-Nov14th 2015

Gallery1988 presents CLUE: An Art Show Inspired by Your Favorite Murder Mystery
A group art show June 26th-July 11th, 2015

Gallery1988: Idiot Box
A group art show paying tribute to the greatest TV shows. May 1st, 2015

Gallery1988: Crazy 4 Cult 8 Back in LA
Dec 12, 2014

Spoke Art: “Bad Dads V: Wes Anderson art show”
A group art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson. 10/31/14 – 11/22/14.

Spoke Art presents “KUBRICK: an art show tribute”
An art show tribute to the films of Stanley Kubrick. 9/6/14 – 9/27/14

Rancho Obi Wan Fundraising Auction
The gala raises funds for the ongoing costs of maintaining Rancho Obi-Wan.

Spoke Art presents “Quentin vs. Coen”
July 5th-July26th, 2014
An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers.

Gallery1988: Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show
A traveling art show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this incredible film including original artwork, & limited edition prints. New York: April 19 – 26, Los Angeles: May 17 – June 1st, Chicago: June 20 – 22, San Diego: Comic-Con

Gallery1988: “Crazy 4 Cult 7”
December 13 – 21, 2013

Mondo Gallery Presents: IT DIDN’T ROT OUR BRAINS
The Tales from the Crypt group art show. Oct 25th- Nov 23rd.

Gallery1988: “The Official Bad Robot Art Experience”
Opening Reception: Friday, April 26th, 7-10PM. Show runs until May 18, 2013.

HBO and Mondo Gallery: “Game of Thrones Gallery Show”
March 8-12th, 2013 at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas

Hero Complex Gallery: Weapon of Choice

Gauntlet Gallery: “Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads”
Dec. 8th-Jan17th, 2012.

Gallery1988: Tribute to Judd Apatow
December 4-30th, 2012.

Spoke Art: Bad Dads an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson
Show runs October 26th-November 24th!

Gallery1988 Venice Presents: Old School Video Game Art Show-Level 2
October 26 – November 24, 2012

Mondo Gallery presents The Universal Monsters
October 19th- Nov. 10th, 2012

Gallery1988: “Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year”
March 9 and runs through March 31, 2012

Gallery1988 x Adult Swim
Show runs January 13 – February 4, 2011

Gallery 1988 Venice: The Pee Wee Herman Tribute Show “I Know you Art But What Am I?”
Group show honoring the career of Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman! Friday July 29 – Aug 19, 2011.

Gallery1988 Melrose: Crazy 4 Cult 5
Dates: July 8-30, 2011

Gallery 1988 Venice Presents: CAMP FIREWOOD
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of
Wet Hot American Summer
Dates: June 10 – 29, 2011

Wootini: Addams Family Show tribute show
A group show inspired by our favorite inversion of the ideal American family.
Show runs 7th – 31st of January

The Empire Skates Back art show at Star Wars Celebration V Convention
“Empire Skates Back” charity art auction at the official Lucasfilm Star Wars Celebration V convention. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, 30 tattoo artists were each given a blank skateboard deck to paint, sculpt, or build their homage, rendition or interpretation of this amazing film. Bruce covered his skate deck with black velvet, and chose to depict everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The skate deck auction was coordinated by Shane Turgeon, author of “The Force In The Flesh”. All proceeds from sale went to benefit the “Make a Wish Foundation”.

Wootini: It Came From … Planet Velvet! June 2009
A science fiction inspired black velvet painting show at Wootini gallery, featuring Bruce White and Jonas Britt.



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